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Welcome To The Harmonious Goat Blog


Who we Are


Welcome and thank you for joining us . Here we will share with you who we are, what we are doing, our successes and failures as well as any tidbits we think may help others. Overall, we are down to earth orthodox Christians who are just trying to navigate this life, like everyone else.

 Ian is a port truck driver, bee keeper, garden assistant, tree pruner, photographer, idea bank, writer and loving husband/father. Emily is a stay-at-home mom, soap maker, gardener, food preserver, quilter and whip cracker when needed. John is the brains of the operation, as a toddler he keeps both of us on our toes and helps with absolutely everything.

We have been working on building Harmonious Goat for almost 3 years now. Our vision has been started, pushed back and changed directions several times in that span, but now we are hopeful that we have a good location that will support us as we grow a business of both a line of natural skin care products and local produce as these things are near and dear to our hearts.  


Why skin care


I grew up with sensitive skin, I had one type of soap I could use, I had to stick to unscented lotions because scented would cause rashes or make my skin feel like it was burning. I would get rashes in the summers as a combination of pool chemicals and sun… who knows maybe it was a sunscreen reaction too. In college it only got worse with rashes and skin ailments. So finally I started doing some research on skin care for sensitive skin and found out that homemade soaps and lotions are so much better for skin and body and knew it was something I wanted to try. It took years for me to get up the courage to complete my research and actually make a block, but my skin has been so much more durable and smooth since switching to homemade, rarely breaking out. I understand soaps sold at the store are cheaper, but they are also full of unnecessary chemicals, that are not helpful to skin care. I hope I never have to go back to store quality, I’ll stick with what products I know what’s in it and how it will care for my body. 


what about them veggies


Local produce has definitely become a hot topic lately as more and more people turn away from processed foods, but for us it is a way of life. Vegetable gardens inspired both Ian and I as children. I had the benefit of watching my mom preserve as much as she could throughout the summer and fall and then we would eat it all winter and spring. Growing up with this opportunity and working in the food industry, encouraged me to look for ways help others eat fresh. We are partnering with Kane Ranch, who has much more growing space, to provide local vegetables and herbs this 2019 season. Together with the Kane family we hope to grow to provide the people of our community with fruit, honey and eggs all produced locally. 

Thank you so much for joining us on our journey.